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Windows 10 Registry tweaks for mining

jsanzspjsanzsp Member Posts: 185 ✭✭
edited November 2016 in Mining
Before you edit any part of your system registry, always make a backup of all keys that you intend to edit. You can do this in the editor by right-clicking on any key and selecting Export, which saves into a .reg file that can be run to re-apply the old value of that key.

But the easier method is to make a System Restore point, which saves the state of your system, including a snapshot of the registry. In Windows 10, you can enable restore points. Go to Start, type restore, select Create a restore point, select a drive, click Configure…, then pick Turn on system protection, set the Max Usage space, and click OK. If something goes wrong, you can just revert to the System Restore point.

Registry Tweaks to Improve Windows 10 Performance for mining.
It basically disables unnecessary services and programs, achieving better stability and performance.

1- Back Up Your Registry or create a restore point
2- Unzip
3- Run in administrator mode
4-Select the tweaks Choose the ones you want Y/N

list of tweaks The file, gives us to choose from the beginning, the services we want or not to disable. If we are not sure or want to keep it, we just have to press N

Replace Utilman with CMD
Disable Cortana, Bing Search and Searchbar
Disable automatic Windows Updates
Disable Hibernation
Disable tracking services
Disable WAP Push Message Routing Service
Disable Windows Search
Disable Superfetch
Disable Windows Defender
Disable OneDrive
Disable Quick Access as default view in Explorer
show computer shortcut on desktop
Show file extensions
Disable lockscreen
Enable classic control panel view
Hide indication for compressed NTFS files
Disable Windows Update sharing
Remove Pin to start
Classic vertical icon spacing
Remove versioning tab from properties
Disable jump lists
Remove telemetry and data collection
Change Logon screen background with accent color
Disable Windows Error Reporting
Removing Windows default apps
Blocking Telemetry Servers

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