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How to open Catalyst Control Center without display?

michi1200michi1200 Member Posts: 3
Hi guys,

built my first eth mining rig with two RX 480 GPUs. I control my rig with teamviewer because I have no monitor which could be permanently plugged in in my rig (and I don't want to disconnect my main monitor every time to control my rig).

I want to OC my cards with CCC or Sapphire TRIXX, but catalyst control center does not open because I don't have a display plugged in the card. I get the error "radeon settings are currently not available. please try again after connecting amd graphics". It works when I plug in my monitor, but unfortunately I can't always plug in my monitor, it would take a lot of effort to always plug it out etc.. Trixx works but I can't read out clock/memory speeds and nor change them. Also I can't see the temperature of my GPU (or at least claymore miner does not show them when no display is plugged in).

Any way to let the card think a display is plugged in? Already tried connecting a hdmi cable to the card and insert the other end in the hdmi port of the Mainboard, but the mainboard is only a hdmi output so the card knows it's not a display. :( Any software maybe? I have no monitor/TV to plug in there, so that's no choice unfortunately.

Pls help me!
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