PSU Gold or Platinum?

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Hello there, I am planning to build next rig with 6x RX 580 which will be delivered on Tuesday. I cannot find in any store or online store (in Poland) any of platinum PSUs, can have only gold ones.

Full setup will be:
MSI Z270A-Pro
G4400 Pentium
6x MSI RX 580 Armor 8G OC
SSD 120gb

My current rig has 6x RX 570 and consume about 830 Watts and it's powered by Dark Power Pro 11 1200W Platinum.

So the question is: PSU like be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 1200W Gold will be enough for rig 6x RX 580?

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    Gold, Platinum, Titanium all refer to the efficiency rating and durability of the PSU.. ie; a Gold is 80% Platinum maybe 92% and Titanium 96%... ATX PSU's are not meant for 24/7 use at close to 90% capacity. Bottom line is the better the PSU the longer it should last.

    As for the 580's being on a 1200 watt, you might want to rethink that. I had 4-580's and 2-470 (stock) with a 1200 watt Platinum PSU on a rig, installed everything and loaded up my miner dual mining Eth and Sia. As soon as the DAG got loaded they overloaded the PSU and switched it off. Turns out the Red Devil RX 580 Golden 8G I bought pull 197 watts a piece according to GPUz (probably 30-40 watts more actual). I modded all the bios and undervolted to get the wattage down to run the with that PSU.

    @BUTUZ is right, the wattage remains the same across all of them. Use a killawatt, add 4 cards and see what the wattage is then add another and you should have a good idea of what each card is drawing in actual watts. You'll know then if you can pop that 6th card in of do you need to do some modding and undervolting. Also when testing, if your going to dual mine then test that way. Dual mining takes quite a bit more power than just mining Eth..

    Hope this helps...
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    EVGA has a lifetime warrenty so........ just go with the bronze ;)

    Jk. def. go with the gold. the warranty is reassuring though
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    I am a new entrant here and from today i am selecting components for my first rig.
    Will CORSAIR RMx RM1000X 1000W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Full Modular Power Supply will work as my first PSU?
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    gold or platinium not define the quality of the PSU, refer to the efficiency
  • techansaaritechansaari Member Posts: 3
    What will be the difference in nyoc mining, if I choose any motherboard vs H81 or H97
  • ecs87ecs87 Dekalb, ILMember Posts: 335 ✭✭✭
    jsanzsp said:

    gold or platinium not define the quality of the PSU, refer to the efficiency

    Huh? 80 plus standards directly correlate to the quality and efficiency of the PSU. Titanium>Platinum>Gold>Silver>Bronze
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    As difficulty gets harder and rewards lighter, long term it pays for efficiency.
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    its really not going to effect u much with 1 rig gold or plat
    for piece of mind i prefer plat, they just have better components overall

    but when it comes to efficiency yea if ur running 20 6x GPU rigs
    just running them at 50-60% load on plat vs gold means $$
    that is where the peak efficiency is and it does translate to home miners throughout the year
    running 50-60% load on plat vs gold could save u more than the extra cost of the plats especially when we see jumps in coin prices like this
    plus the resale on plats is super easy
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