Windows 10 Crashing

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So I finally got all of the components for my rig and put it all together. Started running Claymore 9.4 just mining for nyoc. Cards are all on stock Bios and no modding. Just straight out of the box.

Claymore is only showing 5 cards, when in fact I have 6. But I am going to trouble shoot that on my own. Although any tips would be appreciated.

So when Claymore starts it runs fine for a minute or 2. Then GPU 4 shows 0.00 Mh/s and claymore tries to restart and then my computer crashes.

I checked my event log in Windows and the only critical error is Kernel Power, ID 41, Task 63. Did some research online and it is usually associated with PSU's and not enough power.

I have this 1200 watt PSU.

I checked the power usage at the wall while mining and it's just a bit over 900 watts. So in theory it should be good.

I'm wondering if my rig is just pulling too much power from one specific port on the PSU, or if it's just a bad PSU.

This is driving me nuts. So close but so far away.

Again, I am a total noob at mining. So these are all just guesses.

Any insight or things I should check would be greatly appreciative.

Pic of my ghetto rig :)


  • Dave2kDave2k Member Posts: 46
    i think kernel-power code 41 can be anything really. I've had that when a USB headset was shorting the connection...
  • MrN1ce9uyMrN1ce9uy Member Posts: 167 ✭✭
    I don't think you linked the correct power supply. Can you link the exact one you bought?
  • dank4usdank4us Member Posts: 20
    This is the one Ibought. But it's sold out so it is showing the lower wattage ones. Mine is the 1200 watt version.
  • dank4usdank4us Member Posts: 20
    I've got the PCI ports (4) going to the graphics cards. They have 2 8 pin plugs each. Have the gigabyte cards 2 on each cord. Have the Asus one plug per card. Got the Sata going to the PCI risers (2 cords, 3 risers connected to each). 1 Sata going to the Solid State HD (120gb). Pretty sure I have it all hooked up correctly. Really hoping it is just the PSU.

    Here are some more pics of my rig and the wiring. Thanks for the help guys. Was really hoping this would be plug and play. But I'm not the luckiest of guys, so I knew it would be a process.

    Going to add some heat sink paste to the processor, reinstall windows 10 and try to figure out why it's not recognizing GPU #6 tomorrow.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. May have to order a better PSU and have it over nighted.

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