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1 out of 4 GPU's doesn't have a driver?

Oxxaz_ethOxxaz_eth Member Posts: 5
edited June 22 in Mining
Hey all, I guess with all the troubleshooting questions you must be getting tired of it. But I can't seem to figure this one out. I just upgraded my 2-gpu pc to a 4-gpu mining rig. 3 out of 4 cards (1 RX 470, 2 GTX 1060) get recognized. The last card (second RX 470) does show up in device manager, but says it has no driver. If I want to manually set it to the right AMD driver I get a message saying 'The installation of this device is forbidden by system policy.' I tried solutions Google found for me but none of them work.

Motherboard: Asus p8z77-v LX
CPU: i5-2500k
RAM: 4gb
GPU's: 2 x RX 470 MSI Gaming X, 2 x GTX 1060 MSI Armor
PSU: Corsair RM1000i

They're all connected by USB-risers, powered by sata cables. The PCIe-slots are, from top to bottom:

pcie x1 -> RX 470 that does NOT get recognized
pcie3 x16 -> RX 470 that does get recognized, also display gpu
pcie x1 -> GTX 1060
pci -> empty
pci2 x16 -> GTX 1060
pci -> empty
pci -> empty

Thanks for helping out.

EDIT: both RX 470's are bios modded, they were both mining for over a week stable. Drivers are crimson 16.12


  • Snap7Snap7 Member Posts: 14
    hi you use windows 10 ? try this regedit file maybe help you to work this around also backup your regedit before

    tell me if this help you...

    aslo i have to ask you also something i also have 2 rx 480 and i use the same driver like you and also they are bot modded bios and also the same driver version.
    the driver say to me that one GPU is disabled dont know why and also i dont have ccc slim power management in him.
    you had such problems ? you fix them ? you can look at my thread also thx in advanced....
    my thread:
  • Oxxaz_ethOxxaz_eth Member Posts: 5
    Looks like the top pcie x1 - slot is broken. I just plugged the card into the pci-e x16-slot (without a riser) and it's all fine. Tried a GTX 1060 on the (apparently broken) pci x1 - slot and it wasn't recognized. Onward, to find a new mobo!
  • Snap7Snap7 Member Posts: 14
    the radeon driver was not doing problems for you when not in crossfire ?
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