Thermal pad on GPU to reduce heat

KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 140
Hi all,

I've been reading all kind of opinion on thermal pad pasted at the back of the GPU, most of the comments I have seen were negative but call me stubborn, I wanted to make up my mind.

So i bought this ultra cheap (<1€!) pad : <a href="">Thermal Pad on Aliexpress

And guess what... it worked!!

Here is a picture before applying the pad

GPU is most of the time hotter than the others, I don't know why but I decided to apply the pad there. Temp here is 56°C

Result here:

Look at GPU 2 again, temperature down to 51°C

I'll leave it like this for a while to see how it performs and then try it on another card. If it succeeds again, I'm definitely going to buy some additional ones.

Any similar experiences?



  • Miner8472Miner8472 Member Posts: 94
    That is a really nice improvement. I would like to do things like this but wonder if would invalidate warranty with new cards. Worth considering though.

    You might also want to consider thermal pads/heatsinks for other parts of the card. The temperatures vary across the card. I know that VRMs often are not cooled sufficiently and people recommend putting a heatsink or thermal pads on them. Never done it before but I will be gluing a heatsink over the VRMs on my non-mining rig graphics card soon.

    I believe memory doesn't usually get hot although this community does tend to push the memory very high so probably worth looking into this if you have the time.
  • jsanzspjsanzsp Member Posts: 185 ✭✭
    only use thermal pads for memory, in gpu and cpu always use good thermal paste
  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 140
    I pasted the thermal pad on the back of the GPU but I can remove whenever I want, it's just sticky enough to stay there not really attached. I also considered adding a heat sink but I haven't tried yet, I have a spare one so I'll give it a try as soon as I have time.
  • kj08kj08 Member Posts: 8
    Can you please share a picture of your GPU with thermal pad applied? Do you just put in on the backside?

    I have issues with my server PSU getting really hot and this could help may be.
  • KlintistwoodKlintistwood Member Posts: 140
    @kj08 sure, there you go:

    Nothing too fancy, i just placed it where most of the heat was coming from.

    It's not made for PSU so I'm not sure it would be a good idea to put it there.
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