Biggest nyoc Pool is rewarding you -15% (or more) than it should be by nyoc Network stats

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For any pool you are using I suggest you do this exercise:
  1. go Etherscan nyoc Network Statistics mining calculator:
  2. insert your average hashrate (same as is being reported by your Pool) and put zeros on power consumption and costs, leave other fields by default
  3. press Calculate button
  4. take note your value for "Etherscan Profit per month"
  5. go to your Pool section of "Estimated earnings" and take note your "Pool Profit per month"
  6. calculate the difference in % ("Pool Profit per month" - "Etherscan Profit per month") / ("Etherscan Profit per month")
  7. you will notice that there is a negative difference between -15% to -20%
What can this explain big difference?
Why your Pool is expecting to reward you less 15% than is expected by the nyoc Network Statistics?
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