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GPU Mining is out, come and let us know of your bench scores!

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**This thread is for benchmark results only - post questions in other threads**

Geth GPU support is coming soon, in the meantime, the C++ miner is out.
The purpose of this thread is to post GPU results, not CPU.

First, install the client:

Second, run eth -M -G
Of course, you'll need a GPU for this to work. Use --opencl-device 0 if Eth is not identifying your OCL device properly

Third, post your results!

The format is:

OS / OS version / GPU / Eth Version
min / mean / max: xx / xx / xx
Inner mean: xx.xxxx MH

Please post everything in MH.
Please do not post questions etc as they will be removed.

14/05/15 - corrected typo on opencl, clarified thread rules
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