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Mining using a Radeon HD 7850

JeroenDeDauwJeroenDeDauw Member Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Mining
I have a Radeon HD 7850 card, which has 2GB of DDR5 and would like to try some mining. (Ubuntu 15.10 x64.) Looking at , it seems like even though this card is rather old, it is actually good for the job. I can't get it to work though.

I tried mining with "eth -m 1 -G -a ...address..." and got the error that the DAG could not be loaded into the memory. So I got ethminer to see how much memory is available using "ethminer -G --opencl-device 0". Result: 1490026496 bytes (1.4GB). Which is not enough for the 2GB DAG. I tried setting GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT as suggested in this discussion, though this appears to have no effect at all on the available memory.

Is it possible to get mining to work with my card? I read some things suggestion it is, though also found something implying the DAG size was increased at some point.


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