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Mining Rig 5 GPUs - which Mainboard?

cryptozcryptoz Member Posts: 3
Hi guys, I want to build a mining rig with 5 GPUs, probably all ATI 290x or some 280x. Now the 290x is using a 16x PCIe 2.0. Which mainboard is suitable for this rig, without losing GPU speed through limiting the data transfer? I thought of using one with PCIe 3.0. and 5 16x or can I use something different without losing bandwith? I am not a gamer so my knowledge is limited about this part.


  • Marvell9Marvell9 Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭
    I'm partial to the MSI gaming ones, they usually support at least six GPUs
  • cryptozcryptoz Member Posts: 3
    Ok thanks, but is there a loss of performance when I use 5-6 GPUs? Because with so many GPUs they don`t all run at X16, but some with 8X or 4X. Is this of significance?
  • Yannick99Yannick99 Member Posts: 51
    Do you know witch chipset ? Msi gaming are comimg with z170A, z97(intel) and 990FX (amd) chipset.
    I read people have problem with z170A when more than 3 card is installed.
  • Marvell9Marvell9 Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭
    I only use intel anymore so its the Z97
  • Marvell9Marvell9 Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭
    @cryptoz no theres no perfomance issue for mining with 6 or even 7 gpu
  • Yannick99Yannick99 Member Posts: 51
    @Marvell9 thank you. Now i think i'm ready for to order my stuff! Yeah. I'll take GIGABYTE Z97X-GAMING
  • Marvell9Marvell9 Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭
    @Yannick99 i know nothing about gigabyte but i love the MSI gaming becase in the bios it actuyally shows visual images of what is active on the motherboard which is really helpful for troubleshooting if you have bad connectors for the PCI-E cards
  • ed1ed1 Member Posts: 46
    edited March 2016
    Here's one: Asrock H81 pro BTC and you would need pci-ex extenders.
    I have a asus p9x79 ws with 3 cards running in sandwich formation with an s7 cooler getting 60mh/s
  • Yannick99Yannick99 Member Posts: 51

    lol with your input, Now I am hesitating between those. Looks like both good motherboard. Almost the same price.
    I like the 2x copper PCB, more usb output, dual eufi bios
    7 pci-e slot, copper output and like you said, the board explorer option in eufi
  • Marvell9Marvell9 Member Posts: 593 ✭✭✭
    yeah i swear by the MSI gaming, it can also handle 7 cards if you have the power
  • cryptozcryptoz Member Posts: 3
    edited March 2016
    Marvell9 said:

    yeah i swear by the MSI gaming, it can also handle 7 cards if you have the power

    Hey Marvell9 thank you for your support. My whole confusion started with me not knowing if and how the PCIe connections (16x vs 1x etc.) would be a bottleneck for the graphic card.

    So which mainboard would you use if you would run 5, 6 or like you said 7 cards? I will choose the R9 290x. The Z97 has 3 PCIe 16x and 4 PCIe 1x. So I can just connect even to 1x without losing performance?

    Also I have a last question regarding the risers: If I connect a card like 290x with a 16x to 1x powered riser, will I lose card performance or not? Are powered risers needed, do you use them?

  • suryawonosuryawono Member Posts: 63
    I have rig with 5 vga using Asus Trooper B85

    You will not lose performance using 16x to 1x powered riser.
    I'm using R7 370, using that riser but i don't plug the power, only pcie 6pin and x1 to x16 ribbon. It work well for me.
  • philakonephilakone Member Posts: 163 ✭✭
    cryptoz said:

    Ok thanks, but is there a loss of performance when I use 5-6 GPUs? Because with so many GPUs they don`t all run at X16, but some with 8X or 4X. Is this of significance?

    Hey guys.

    The best motherboard out for gpu mining rigs is probably these ones by Asrock. They're marketed towards miners:

    YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE PCI-E 16X TO MINE GPU. GPU mining is not bandwidth intensive at all. How people run 6 GPUs in a rig is by using PCI-E 1x to PCI-E 16X risers. Depending on the motherboard, it may or not need to be powered. For example, if your motherboard has an additional 4pin molex connector on board to support multi-gpu, you should be safe with just risers non powered. Though I've had motherboards before where there usb or 4pin molex powered risers were absolutely necessary since the motherboard did not have any additional 4pin molex connector on board, despite an 8pin atx power.

    YOU DO NOT CROSSFIRE / SLI bridged / enabled. The video cards do not work together or exchange information at a high rate. Simply connecting it from 1x to 16x riser is fine (and powered of course).

    You could even run different cards in the same mining rig, which I currently am doing. I'm running an HD 7970 3GB + 2x R7 370 4GB. 1 of them is risered.

    My favorite 4 GPU board is this asus M5A97 ($80 usd). Super cheap, reliable too. Have never had issues with it, though powered riser was necessary.


    PCIE 1x does not affect mining performance at all
    Powered riser is dependent on motherboard and gpu
    Can combine different GPU in mining rig
    Overclocking memory clock has NO effect on mining performance.
    Overclocking core clock has HUGE EFFECT on mining performance.
  • DiscoveryDiscovery Member Posts: 21
    cryptoz said:

    Ok thanks, but is there a loss of performance when I use 5-6 GPUs? Because with so many GPUs they don`t all run at X16, but some with 8X or 4X. Is this of significance?

    it is enough to have PCI-e x1 for each card. You can choose from any motherboard. Sometimes you need powered PCI-e risers as some mb/gpu can't boot with more cards (insufficient power supplied to PCI-e onboard connectors).
  • UninexusUninexus Member Posts: 3
    Do you guys know which CPUs support multiple GPU configurations like that ? Do you need i7 or i5 etc ?
    Thanks !
  • vminingvmining Member Posts: 19
    The cheapest Celeron is good enough. In my case it is the G1840.
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