Use classic PCI slot (Not PCIe) on motherboard to plug in PCIe 1x GPU ?

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All my rigs are full of these useless PCI slots that I never plug anything in. Just wondering if these PCI to PCIe 1x converters work?


  • tflux99tflux99 Member Posts: 31
    yes that would be nice to know

    here its just 60$ maybe someone in usa could try iam in europe so it takes a long time to arrive and cant bring it back if its not working i can ask them by email if it works for gpus
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    ok i asked support of if it works with gpu if i can install gpu cards to it here the log:

    Please hold, a advisor will be with you shortly... 13:15
    You are now connected to Lanny 13:15
    Lanny: Thank you for contacting My name is Lanny. 13:15
    Hi tflux99. I wouldn't recommend using this device to install a graphics card. Most graphics cards are very demanding on bandwidth and require a longer PCI Express x16 slot. Even if you had a card that worked in the short x1 slot used by this adapter, this sort of connector would still use much more bandwidth that what's normally delivered over the older PCI bus to which the adapter connects. 13:17
    With that in mind, performance may be significantly reduced, or the card may not function at all. 13:17
    To give you a general idea, the PCI Express x1 connector on the card allows for 250 MB/s of bandwidth, while the PCI connector allows for 133 MB/s. You'd basically be giving the card half of the bandwidth it normally expects. 13:19
    tflux99: with this adapter PCIe Riser for gpu mining 13:20
    do you sell also such adapter 13:20
    Lanny: We do not, unfortunately. This looks to be a powered PCIe x16 to x1 riser. While we have x16 to x1 risers, they use a different design. It's a single card with no option for external power (through USB 3.0 or SATA) and wouldn't work as well for this purpose: 13:24
    I'm sorry I don't have better options to offer in this case. 13:25
    tflux99: np thx for info 13:26
    Lanny: You're very welcome. Is there anything else I can do for you before we disconnect? 13:26
    tflux99: no! but thx for nice support and sorry for my bad english hehe :)

    ok who will try ? could work but the dag loading could take longer but who knows :D
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    I don't think the bandwidth matters since we are using it for mining.

    It only makes a difference in games.

    Honestly we can also save ourselves the $60 and build something like that ourselves the board layout seems very simple.
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    @adaseb, just spend the money on a decent mobo. Or even an indecent one with a 1 to 3 PCIe bridge for extra slots
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