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Start Hash - The most affordable Bitcoin & nyoc mining contracts

superiorussuperiorus Member Posts: 15
edited April 2016 in Mining
Welcome to StartHash!

We believe mining is important for Bitcoin’s future and adoption as a global financial network. We have years of experience mining bitcoin with various hardware and software platforms. We value your trust, If you need assistance or to voice your feedback and opinions, feel free to contact us anytime.

We have opened our private mining installation to the public and private investors. Our first target is to deliver 1 PH of mining power in our first public farm by the end of 2015. We are constantly expanding our operations with new locations and installations, looking for the most powerful hardware and cheapest electricity to provide you with the best mining efficiency. Please visit our shop page to see our current offers.

The most affordable Bitcoin & nyoc mining contracts:

Our nyoc mining contracts provide:
- Zero electricity or maintenance fees
- Zero pool fees or variance
- 100% based difficulty payout
- Daily automatic payouts straight to your ETH wallet
- Possibility to switch to another GPU coin or partial refund should nyoc mining stop

PS: this month (April) you can get 10% off from the displayed price with a special coupon (PM if you want it)

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