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Succesfull Mining on old Hardware (HD 6950/6970)

Benni93Benni93 Member Posts: 50
edited May 2016 in Mining
Hey Community, i know there are many threads from this old hardware but i think this is a new "Problem" :-P

Ive got an Club3D ATI 6950 in a Rig from me, i know the Card got the Problem of allocating one big chunk of dag file. Anyway i saw that Genoil got on Github an Chunked Version for the Intel HD6000 (i think its for intel^^) and thought lets give it a try because all other Versions of ethminer failed because of the DAG allocating Problem. Anyway the Version for the HD6000 seems to work, ive just get 4mh/s but thats more than nothing.

If i can help u guys with a version for the 6950/6970 i can give u full remote access to my rig to test ur software

hope to get an answer :) best greets from germany :)
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