MacPro with dual D700 (6+6gb)

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I have a 2013 mac pro with the best gpi option at the time D700 dual.
Running ethminer with -G -t 2 I get somewhere between 19-21Mh using a pool. (I installled the cpp ether from brew).
Is the speed ok for this machine? Benchmark I get 25mh i think.

On dwarfpool I see only 6mh and i also get a red warning about hash below threshold:s

Any other setting that are useful for macOSX?


  • daemonixdaemonix Member Posts: 15
    no ideas???
    Even changing the cl-local/global variables I don't see any difference or improvement.
    I only get around 3-4MH over time (max 5.5MH).
  • mmxmmx Montreal, QCMember Posts: 110 ✭✭
    The AMD FirePro D700 is equivalent to a FirePro W9000. While it has 2048 stream processors (comparable to an R9 280X) it runs at a much lower GPU clock (650 MHz base to 850 MHz boost) hence it won't be as fast. Similarly, the W9000 actually runs at 975 MHz, so Apple has somewhat crippled the card by lowering the clocks (I'm guessing for thermal reasons). That said, high-end workstation cards have never been optimal for mining, albeit their premium price tags.

    Likewise, OSX may potentially handicap the card in mining potential, since the stock drivers are most likely not optimized for the applications used. Someone else with OSX mining experience can chime in.

    If you're hellbent on getting these GPUs hashing faster, consider installing Windows or Linux and use Genoil's ethminer builds to witness an improvement. Finally, overclocking them comes to mind, but that will undoubtedly be a challenge in itself in terms of temperatures, voltages, and Apple's unquestionable ability to lock down hardware that you rightfully own.
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