Sapphire R9 280 dual-x card best settings?

vlcmstnevlcmstne Member Posts: 119
Hey guys I'm currently getting about 20 mh/s with my Sapphire R9 280 dual-x cards and about 65C each with (5) drawing 1065W do you think there is anything I can do to make the system perform better or am I just about right for the cards?



  • TermieTermie Member Posts: 130
    I think you can be happy with your 20 MH/s, in consideration of the actual DAG size. Used also a MSI R9 280x 3G lately. When I began mining at april, it mined with 20.4 MH/s, but then hashrate drops sneaking with every new (bigger) DAG size. Used it lastly ~2 weeks ago when hashrate falls below 19.3 MH/s and replaced it in the meantime.

    Better performance you get with the usual way - overclock and undervolt it. And I remember raising the -ethi value at Claymores miner from 8 to 16 also brought back ~0.2 - 0.3 more MH/s.
  • vlcmstnevlcmstne Member Posts: 119
    so i began to overclock but haven't touched the undervolting at all will that help with the power draw and heat I'm assuming?
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    It defiantly will help but in all reality your still getting great numbers. Just let it mine or sell the GPUs and get different ones. As the difficulty and the DAG go up you will hash less.
  • vlcmstnevlcmstne Member Posts: 119
    thanks, with a 1300 watt PS what card do you guys think i should upgrade towards without having to replace power supply or am I at the point where I would need a new power supply to make any kind of meaningful upgrade? what do you think
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    You would likely have to get another PSU for meaningful upgrades. You could also just buy 3 different cards and run the 280's and whatever else(380, 390). You could also get 290 reference cards like some of us.
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    Is this your card?

    Don't mine with these cards, the VRMs overheat because it doesn't throttle properly and they go on fire.

    Happened to a few people and myself on bitcointalk

    Just sell it and get some other brand.
  • vlcmstnevlcmstne Member Posts: 119
    Damn well they don't run that hot too any recommendations with my 1300w power supply
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