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Why does no one use or recommend the 7 PCI-E slot motherboards?

shutfushutfu Member Posts: 320 ✭✭
I always see the 6 pci-e slot h61/h81 btc boards and the h97 anniversary being recommended, but I never see anyone using or recommended any of the 7 pci-e slot boards. Here are some examples:
(the prices for this one are way off, because its only 3rd party sellers on amazon, but for example there is one on craigslist for me at 100$)

there are plenty more. Mostly z97 and z170. MSI especially has a ton of moderately priced models with 7 pci-e slots. Asus has a few but are a bit more expensive. I have yet to see a 7 slot offering from either asrock or gigabyte.

even though the boards are ~40-50$ more at the cheapest, wouldn't this save money vs buying a new cpu/ram/psu for another setup by being able to squeeze another gpu/dual gpu into the 7th slot? Also all of these boards would be easier to resale than one-trick-ponies like the h81 pro btc boards.

Just curious if anyone has any input because I'm days away from ordering my next rig! I've helped in this community a bunch and appreciate what you guys have to say.


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