usb riser cable length vs Performance

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I know standard risers use 1m cables, would i see any performance difference if i used a 2m or 3m cable? Does latency have an affect on mining?


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    I have different lengths up to 100cm (USB 3.0) and don't notice a speed difference.
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    There is probably a data throughput maximum length for USB 3.0 (which is what risers are I believe), like for example cat5e ethernet has to be 90 metres or less to give you gigabit data rates... so if you can be bothered - google about USB 3.0 standards for your answer.

    In fact here's a quote I got with a google search:

    In April 2013, an update to the USB-IF compliance for USB 3.0 standards restricted A male to B male cable lengths to three meters maximum. Cables with USB 3.0 Micro B plugs were limited to one meter maximum for compliance requirement.

    yes I think latency between a GPU and the mining software running on CPU/RAM will make a difference.

    100cm = 1 metre
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    @newmz thanks... I commented from work on my mobile and realized my derp, edited and never came back to the thread.
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    According to a friend of mine @Franco_oz - the risers don't actually use the USB 3.0 standard of data transmission, they are just using the USB 3.0 cables and connectors because they use the appropriate number of cores which are double shielded. This suggests that they need to be really resistant to loss and interference over a short distance. Maybe I would say stick to 1 metre after all.
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    Thanks @newmz, i appreciate your help
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