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i really need your help.
i have got big problems with four gpu's.

1. getting only 22.8mh/s, is it normal?

2. four gpu's eating 750w, but TDP of one gpu is 110w=== i cant use 1000w psu for six gpu!!????????????

3. PROBLEM IN WATTMAN, i change fan RPM in programme, but on graphics card stay fan off.
3.1 i cant use msi afterburner

---i try different drivers

4. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
4.1 please.. really.. :(


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    The fan thing might just be the acoustic limit or what ever it's called right below the rpm.
    I would just drag that bar all the way to the right. About the mh I don't own any 470s so idk.
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    @Atrocity thanks for reply, but .. no :/ :(
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    Thats a feature of these MSI cards isn't it? They won't run the fan unless needed so they can be silent at idle. You try turning the temp target way down to see if that impacts the kick-in point?
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    @work Now i try that, nothing
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    I also get 750W for four RX 470 card rig (at the wall) at default settings and using ethminer.
    Win10, CPU-G3258 (50-65W), H97 mobo.

    TDP is BS (at least at default).
    People also post GPU-Z nonsense while ALL that truly matters is how much is the TOTAL wattage at the wall-you need a kill-a-watt or something similar to measure.
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    I use claymore to control the fans. -tt 70 is what I use for my nitro 470 8gb. I had too many issues with wattman resetting when the computer restarted with my 480s, so I do what I can away from wattman.

    I think your MH is due to the memory speed which I believe is slower than the Sapphire nitro 8 GB.
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    I second what @dddrgonzooo said. If you are using claymore miner. Use the -tt option to set your fans. Wattman will reset, change order of gpu, etc. Very unreliable. What I would do first is use DDUI to delete the drivers. Do clean install of drivers. Set fans via -tt option. Then open up wattman to see if your fan settings are locked in. Hope that helps
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    thank you for reply..

    i unninstal driver by DDU
    install newest driver 16.8.2 Hotfix
    try set -tt 70
    ......-tt 55 -fanmax 70

    nothing .. :/
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    -tt has to be followed by a -55 or -70 to set fan speed. With out the - you are just setting temp. so you command line should look something like this -tt -75 -fanmax 99
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    but... i tryied -tt -75

    nothing, fan's stay off under +- 57C. With +58C starting auto-cooler.

    setx GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR 0
    setx GPU_MAX_HEAP_SIZE 100

    EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool etc-eu1.nanopool.org:19999 -ewal 0x28493aeCdAFe61DB81Ae86E6934BfeEd613a5BB7/worker02 -tt -75

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    Asus gpu tweak II :)

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